Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ZenTiger Well, that ship has sailed

Ports of Auckland has lost Fonterra to Tauranga and Napier - representing 27M of trade a week (which is not the same as the Port fees received for moving that stock). Nevertheless, that's still a substantial volume of business that has just sailed out of the harbour.

I'm not sure that Tauranga wasn't simultaneously aiming to win Fonterra over, but Ports of Auckland blame the current strike, and it surely must have had some impact on such decisions?

Reading the news article, the Port looks to be the good guys in this, with what seems to be the 9th offer on the table in the last 5 months and still suffering ongoing strike action in the face of economically dangerous times. What exactly are the union after? Shares in the business so they can pay their workers bonuses based on the actual financial performance of the port? Probably not.

If they are not careful, they'll be looking for new jobs. I hear Tauranga has a good life style, what with views of the reef and a growing Port side business.
Gibson said the port was willing to continue mediation - 'but only when we receive a formal response to our latest offer, the ninth since negotiations began in August.'

Gibson said the latest offer was the port's best and final offer.

"It includes a generous 10 per cent rise on hourly rates, performance bonuses of up to 20 per cent on hourly rates, and the retention of existing benefits and entitlements in return for a new roster system that will provide increased operational flexibility while allowing workers to plan their rosters a month in advance.

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