Monday, March 15, 2010

ZenTiger The All New Fairfacts Media Show

Stop the Presses: Looks like FFM has himself new digs, and is Lord of his own domain. It's been 5 minutes since he opened for business, so he already has half a dozen posts up. Or so say his sources.

The All New Fairfacts Media Show

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Seán said...

Great! And with your help in the background too, I believe.

Reggie said...

I see that bottomfeeder Slater is threatening FFM over something.

ZenTiger said...

Sean: FFM found a great template, and it wasn't too much effort to install it. Setting up the domain and activating the SQL database is fairly well automated too (although I'm not sure how non-technophiles would manage).

It's all the flow on effects of tweaks that are tricky for some-one of my limited skills.

Angus: All things I don't really want to know or irritate. FFM needed some help setting up a new blog (for whatever reason) and I offered to help. Hopefully, we can leave it as just that.


Zentiger, you have done an excellent job. Thank you!

There are some excellent templates out there and it would be great to see others adopting a wider variety than the standard blogger format.

But yes, they can be tricky , which is why you will need the help of those in the know, like Zentiger.

We have all heard enough of Cam Slater, so we best leave him alone.

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