Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Andrei More Emissions (of money) from John Key

Fifty million smackeroos, a lot of money for you and me, chump change for John Key. But then again it isn't his money that he is flushing down the toilet is it.

What is it for?
John Key has announced $50 million of new funding for research into reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture – and promises more is on the way.

So its to reduce cows flatulence. A very important thing to acheive according to Mr John Key.
“We don't have an option but to tackle this, half of our entire profile of greenhouse gases comes from the agricultural sector,” he says.

Funnily enough when Labour was in power he did not believe in this BS, he has only recently had the epiphany that our dairy cows are "wrecking the planet", I guess when he saw the opportunity to screw over the peasantry becaue thats all its for.

If we slaughtered every ruminant in New Zealand it would not make one whit of difference to GHG levels in the atmosphere as measurable by modern science. Not one whit.

But hard data and facts have never really been an important criteria when it comes to "climate science" any way. As climategate has revealed to everybody with half a brain.

Everybody except for John Key and Nick Smith that is.

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