Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lucia Swedish boy snatched for Homeschooling and National Government barrels ahead

STOCKHOLM, March 2, 2010 ( – Two major legal defense organizations for homeschooling rights are now examining options for a Christian Swedish couple whose seven-year old son was seized by Swedish police and social workers, because his parents chose to educate him at home.

Nearly eight months have passed since Christer and Annie Johansson, with their young son Dominic, boarded a plane to move to India. With one minute before takeoff, Swedish authorities arrested Christer and Annie and whisked Dominic away into the custody of social services.

Last December, the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden rejected the Johanssons’ final appeal, siding with social workers who reportedly insisted that they were protecting Dominic’s “right to education” against his parents.
When the State decides it alone knows what is best for children, then children in that country are in real trouble. NZ has already followed Sweden in regards to banning smacking. Now the National Government is trying to enforce National Standards, despite most parents wanting a trial.
The public support a call for new national standards to be trialled, a poll shows, but Education Minister Anne Tolley says that will not happen and the standards are already in place.

Primary teachers' union the New Zealand Education Institute (NZEI) commissioned the UMR telephone poll of 750 adults which found 66% support for a trial of the standards while only 18% disagreed.

Respondents with dependent children were split 72% in favour and 15% against. Of those without children 62% were in favour and 20% against.

Of participants who had children in primary school 71% supported a trial.

NZEI President Frances Nelson said the poll showed the government did not have parental support for implementing the standards without a trial.

Tolley said it was time the NZEI moved on.
What's wrong with trialing the standards? And isn't trialing something that is already in place defeating the whole purpose of a trial? How on earth do you then do a real comparison?

Politicians and education - a deadly combination. While in Sweden they just take your child if you want to homeschool and they don't approve, here in NZ the Government happily stamps it's own mark on education without the support of teachers or parents. Not much difference apart from degree.

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