Monday, March 22, 2010

ZenTiger Obama Wins But Does America?

History was made today, and it records that Obama is "the winner". Has America won too? Time will tell.

People are so thrilled with the idea, there seems to be little worry the implementation and costs could in any way be negative. Like most things Americans spend their money on, perhaps the ultimate price tag doesn't matter?

What I find interesting are the comments on various blogs and media sources of those flushed with success. Let's just go with the Times:

Excellent news and an historic day for millions of Americans...Israel and the Palestinians next !

No guesses for who this guy is barracking for.

This is proof America can change. I am convinced Obama has gun control in his sights, and those two achievements alone will mark his presidency as one of the great ones - alongside saving the American economy last year

Obama saved America last year? I just thought he deferred the bill. Interesting though that gun control follows health care.

And what do the Europeans think?

Okay, we think, America is a superpower but they haven’t even got healthcare – it’s a superpower where ambulance drivers riffle your pockets for a credit card – and dump you dying on the sidewalk if they don’t find one – some superpower.

I clearly recall thousands of people daily dumped by Ambulance drivers after fleecing the victim for spare cash. Obamacare will end that practice, of course. Street people will be saved and Mexicans will flock to America for a safe holiday.

But maybe I should give Becky Shepperson the last word?

Thank Goodness! As an American diabetic (had the disease since I was 11, and it's Type 1, so you can't blame me for it) I have had to move out of the States because I simply could not afford to pay the exorbitant insurance fees for a person with a pre-existing condition. Now that it's illegal to discriminate against someone just because they're born sick, maybe I can come back.

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KG said...

"Now that it's illegal to discriminate against someone just because they're born sick, maybe I can come back."

Oh sure--now that it's legal to loot the pockets of others to pay for a massive new army of bureaucrats and saddle future generations with massive debts in order to shelter people from reality...
The fact is that even the poorest person in America does have access to healthcare. Perhaps not a private room at the Mayo Clinic, but effective, professional healthcare all the same.
Do people die from poor health care? Yes.
But they die in great numbers in Britain too, under the socialist-run NHS.
There has never been a problem yet that was solved by more government intervention. These creeps can't run a cake raffle, so why would anybody believe they can manage a trillion-dollar industry?

Jim Ryan said...

"Obama saved the American economy" refers to the Keynesian stimulus he and the other Democrats did last year, to the tune of $800M. It did absolutely no good to the economy. He said that it would cause employment to go down, but naturally employment shot up as a result. Keynesian stimulus has been disproven long ago. The Democrats pretend they still believe in it in order to rationalize frivolous spending.

California soon goes the way of Greece: bankruptcy. The U.S. follows not far behind. Because Obama and the other Democrates have multiplied the yearly deficit spending by a factor of about seven.

Polls this week show 65% of Americans disapprove of the new health insurance law. It does nothing to reform our health insurance industry. It merely transfers wealth and inhibits liberty. All Americans and our 12 million illegal aliens have always had health care. It's illegal for hospitals to turn the sick away. The very poor already got free health care from the government. The European socialists who rejoice at the passage of the law do not know any of this.

We are no longer the land of liberty and prosperity. And we are certainly no longer a decent country. It is very ugly here now. About half of us have at least a vague grasp on our founding principles. About 33% of us despise those principles. We conservatives despair, while the left here rejoices in the face of the coming fiscal calamity. If we do not repeal this law within a few years, the American experiment is finished. This is not hyperbole. In the midst of $2.8T yearly deficit to pass this law is fiscal suicide. The Democrats claim that it will cut the deficit. No one, not even them, does more than pretend to believe this. It will cost trillions.

America slips below the surface, morally and fiscally. One wonders about New Zealand. Are things better there? I have small boys. I wonder whether it is my duty to them to emigrate.

Ciaron said...

We'd be glad to have you Jim, although you may only be postponing the inevitable......

Jim Ryan said...

Thank you.

Typo above: $800B not $800M.

MK said...

"History was made today, and it records that Obama is "the winner". Has America won too? Time will tell."

Don't be silly, you're talking about a liberal fascist here, when he wins, not only does America lose, you everywhere lose too. Unless you're a liberal fascist as well.

As for the idiot to thinks a super power must provide free stuff, guess why they are no longer a super anything, let alone a super power.

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