Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lucia A response to Christopher Hitchen's attack against the Pope

Christopher Hitchens' venomous attack on Pope Benedict XVI1 is a revelation that deserves wider attention. Were it not for its appearance in the National Post, it would be difficult to believe that a reputable newspaper would publish such absurdity.

Mr. Hitchens states that in May, 2001, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger sent a "confidential" letter to Catholic bishops to remind them that anyone who disclosed "rape and torture" of children by priests would be excommunicated. He claims that Cardinal Ratzinger imposed a ten year "statute of limitations" on actions against clerical sex offenders, and was thus guilty of "obstruction of justice."

These assertions are false.

Mr. Hitchens also states that then Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger was responsible for the transfer of a clerical sexual predator to Munich. He virtually accuses Archbishop Ratzinger of approving the predator's return to clerical duties and, in consequence, of moral responsibility for the priest's resumption of sexual aggression against children.

There is no evidence to support these claims.

Continue reading : A Response to Christopher Hitchens' The Great Catholic Coverup (full version with references) ~ Catholic Education Resource Center

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ZenTiger said...

I wonder how many people will read the link? Hitchens once again proves to be an irrational, hate filled man who would find a natural role in any grand inquisition where facts are treated as the devils spawn.

MK said...

When i first saw this fellow, i knew something was wrong with him. Far too much anger and bitterness for my liking. Looks like my first impressions were right.

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