Monday, March 8, 2010

Andrei Bleat, bleat, whinge, whine, whine, whinge

Pansey Wong proving that she is just another Labour National MP.

Questions: How many wimin get killed at work compared to men?

How many wimin kill themselves compared to men?

How many wimin are homeless compared to men?

Is the Department of Men's affairs also going to get an extra $2 million smakeroos to deal with "mens issues?

The answer to the last is obviously no since there isn't a Department of Mens affairs throwing money down the toilet producing bullshit "studies" claiming that men are hard done by.

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Lucia Maria said...

Andrei, there's no story attached to the link, so the context of your post is missing.


Men might be paid more, but aren't male unemployment rates higher?
I am sure I have read that as we move from manufacturing towards services, most of the new jobs are for women.
And this is a global situation.

Lucia Maria said...

Ok, now I know what this is about; the gender pay gap between men and women graduates.

A new study of graduates with bachelor degrees has revealed that men start earning more than women a year after starting work.

Women’s Affairs Minister Pansy Wong said today her ministry’s study used data from Inland Revenue and looked at the difference between the income of male and female graduates between one and five years after they started their employment.

The pay gap started developing from the first year, and after five years it ranged between 1 percent and 20 percent, with the biggest difference in management and commerce.

“While the income gap varies between different fields of study, no matter what area of study is pursued an income gap has emerged between men and women … and it is quite a significant gap,” Ms Wong said.

“The bottom line is that a bachelor’s degree held by a woman should be worth the same in the marketplace as one held by a man.”

I agree with Pansy Wong on this one.

Andrei said...

The bottom line is that a bachelor’s degree held by a woman should be worth the same in the marketplace as one held by a man

I'm not sure that they are different - certainly the results of this "study" are not available for public scrutiny to verify this claim nor to identify what the factors are if indeed this is occurring.

The world is never fair, alas it can't be, and my point here is if you wished you could easily create a male grievance industry using the very same techniques as have been used here

Lucia Maria said...

Of course the world is never fair.

In my experience, employers hardly ever pay anyone what they are worth - they pay based on what they think the person will accept, and will pay those they value more, more money.

Men would be considered more valuable workers because of the child aspect - women will eventually have children, and therefore an equal monetary investment is typically not worth it.

The wider question has to be, why is it no longer possible for a man to raise a family on his salary alone? I would like to see the Government look into that question as well.

I disagree that this is about a "male grievance industry". From the government's perspective, if women graduates were paid as much as male graduates after one year, then the government would get more tax. It seems a valid use of money to me.

The wider point, is yes, there is a male grievance industry, however, don't let that turn you into one of those anti-women men. It's not a good look.

Andrei said...

I'm not an anti woman man Lucia - I just don't think much of boiler plate news releases promoting the grievance mentality thats all.

I am prepared to bet that if a robust survey was done on this question the supposed gender gap would all but evaporate.

One obvious factor is that after graduating some of these women will leave the labor force to raise children and hence their income will drop, quite possibly to zero - hence the average income of women as a group x years after graduating will be lower.

We do need to figure out as a society how much we value child rearing and if you want my opinion it is not nearly enough.

It all comes down to how we value people as individuals not as groups when it comes down to it.

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