Friday, March 19, 2010

Andrei Biting the hand that feeds us

Some Friday morning questions.

Does anybody in Wellington Wellywood actually know what New Zealand's biggest export is in terms of dollars?

And should we be finding ways to improve productivity in the sector that produces the commodities that produce these dollars?

Or should we be slamming the people who produce these commodities?

And placing obstacles to high to be overcome in the way of new methods of production that potentially lower production costs and reduce the perceived environmental problems we are currently slamming that sector for?

Can we ever catch up with Australia?

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Seán said...

Quite the overreaction Andrei. Perhaps you missed this paragraph: "An audit of the industry shows an increasing rate of dairy farmers is failing to properly treat the toxic runoff from their land, which in turn poisons waterways and streams."

- Some good Corporate Social Responsibility (incl here, sustainability), wouldn't go amiss for these businesses either, just like for any other business. Afterall, neglecting conservation will likely hurt their own reputation as well as our water.

MathewK said...

"Can we ever catch up with Australia?"

The leftist answer is, how can we bring Australia down to our level?

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