Saturday, March 6, 2010

Andrei A Southland Judge with common sense

A seventy year Gore old school bus driver found himself before the courts charged with assault after he intervened to stop a 12 year old boy pulling a little girls hair.

He told the boy to stop, the boy swore at him and he grabbed the boys arm.

Kids on the bus used their cell phones to call the police and the driver was charged - the local police wanted to apply diversion but word came down from on high he was to be prosecuted.

Luckily the Judge in his case saw reason and not only did he discharge the case but he rebuked the boy and even sent him to the cells to reflect on what he had done.

This story has it all, this is an entirely predictable consequence of the anti-smacking law that New Zealanders overwhelmingly want repealed but which the ruling elite steadfastly refuse to do.

The boy knew his "rights", obviously, and when the adult who bore responsibility for him at the time, that would be the school bus driver, tried to get him to behave he knew he could tell him where to go with impunity.

All of this is demonstrates how insidious S59 really is - it sends the message to kids that they are not subject to adult authority and can do what they like without consequence.

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I.M Fletcher said...

Lucky he didn't get a PC lefty judge. Thanks Sue - thanks Helen. Country wreckers.

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