Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Andrei How to have a controversy where there is none

Well I never, Richard Dawkins has waded into the Atheist Bus campaign "controversy".

The controversy that isn't.

Can anyone point me to any religious leader, mainstream or marginal, that has said this campaign shouldn't go ahead?

I doubt it.

Or find any Christian blogger that has posted that it shouldn't?

Indeed the announcement of the campaign was met with wry amusement and some mockery.

The bus company did decline to run the campaign - I have absolutely no idea why but it cannot be claimed, though it is being implied, that it was pressure from the Christian community that drove this decision.

In any case Mr Dawkins has a DIRECT MESSAGE:
'Grow up, don't be so pathetic, stop whining,' said Richard Dawkins to opponents of the atheist advertising campaign intended for buses.
The person who needs to "grow up and stop whining" might be the man himself, having a little tanty about something nobody in their right mind even cares about.

Maybe thats his problem, many people today are indifferent to religion and that includes Richard Dawkin's own religion of militant atheism.

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David Winter said...

Actually, the ads aren't going to be run because religionists complained about them

Andrei said...

Actually, the ads aren't going to be run because religionists complained about them


Can you name names and/or organizations?

Please consider this your challenge for today

David Winter said...

Ask NZ bus

Andrei said...

Well David, I searched and searched to find a voice raised against this campaign and I did find one group raising their voices against it.

Against the atheist bus campaign

Do these people meet your definition of "religionists"?

David Winter said...

well those guys do have a sort of religious fervor...

I don't know who complained to NZ Bus but the fact remains the pulled the ads because 'The campaign had drawn a "significant reaction" from passengers and staff, with a number finding it distasteful or distressing.' (from here

I.M Fletcher said...

"The atheist is not interested in anything except attacks on atheism."

Dawkins isn't after any particular truth. He's just a hater and he can't stand the idea of anyone believing in God.

Of course they just HAVE to have him on Close Up tonight. I don't think I'll bother watching.

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