Monday, March 8, 2010

Lucia Increasing violence in schools

Teachers attacked by the hundred

Hundreds of teachers have been receiving ACC-funded treatment after being assaulted at school.

Principals are shocked by the figure and are demanding immediate action to make schools safer.

~ Front page, Dominion Post, Monday 8 March, 2010
Over the past few decades, New Zealand has been experimenting with a "non-violent" approach to disciplining children. Apparently children can be reasoned with and punishment of the physical sort should never be needed. First the schools were constrained with physical discipline being made illegal in the 80's and then a couple of years back, parents have been likewise constrained in reining in their unruly children.

And now principals are shocked that so many teachers are being assaulted in schools.

Why should they be shocked? Is not this just the natural consequence of removing punishment? Now it's the teachers bearing the brunt of increasing violence from children, next it'll be more and more parents.

Somebody in Government really needs to read Lord of the Flies.

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I.M Fletcher said...

Yes, any one with common sense knew that this was going to be the result. Look what this PC liberalism has wrought. The common man in the street can see these things coming but the people we put in charge like Sue Bradford have these crazy ideological ideas and (unfortunately) the power to carry them out. When these experiments fail it is society that is injured. It is difficult to change back though - look at the smacking law.

Politicians don't like to be seen to be wrong and seldom admit it and change back a law that isn't working.

Anonymous said...

So we stopped teachers using violence against children, you think that has caused children to become violent towards teachers and your solution is more violence from teachers?

Don't you think it possible that there may be one or more other causes, unrelated to teachers and parents no longer being permitted to bash children?

Lucia Maria said...

Hmmmm ... unrelated ... let me think.

Yes, increasing numbers of children brought up in families that don't have a mother and a father that are married to each other would be another large contributor to the increased violence from children.

The other day's story about the bus driver stopping a boy from pulling a girls hair and having to defend himself in court for doing so really sums up how whacked out NZ society is today.

It's not just physical discipline that is not allowed - it's any sort of physical interference. Far better to let the boy pull the girl's hair than intervene. Teaching boys that violence against women is ok, but having an adult intervene and then the full force of the law comes down on the adult. What is that?

You're not stupid, LRO. You understand this as well as I do.

Psycho Milt said...

Don't you think it possible that there may be one or more other causes...

Certainly - the general principle followed by wet liberals that children have only rights, not responsibilities, has a great deal to do with it.

I.M Fletcher said...

LRO, I know people who got the 'strap' at school and reckoned if they hadn't they would have become little bastards and grown up to be criminals.

You only have to look at the past and at today - what has changed? And is it better? And would you rather your child experience the "violence" (as you put it) of a couple of smacks on the hand with a strap now in school, or a life of crime/life in jail later on?

Arrghhh, liberals...

KG said...

"..unrelated to teachers and parents no longer being permitted to bash children?"

Parents and teachers were never permitted to "bash" children, and you know that.
You also know full well that a a smack does not equal bashing a child.

Which makes you dishonest.
What a surprise, eh....

ZenTiger said...

LRO, violence is not the answer, but discipline is. There is a difference. In general, the PC left haven't been able to tell and this is the result.

The anti-smacking legislation was all about the liberal left's inability to tell the difference, and all about them not caring to understand the difference.

Notwithstanding the occasional sensible voice of PM on this matter (since he may feel tarred with the liberal left brush, although just substitute "wet liberal" I guess).

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