Thursday, March 4, 2010

ZenTiger Pro-ACTive Abortion

ACT MP David Garrett has suggested offering abusive parents thousands of dollars in return for getting themselves sterilised.

So let me get this straight. ACT MP Garrett (and this is not ACT policy thank goodness) wants to PAY people who are abusive to children in some kind of weird reward/incentive system?

I can think of so many negative side effects to this, it would make a great blog post. But I don't have the time, so maybe our readers can help me out by making them in the comments :-)

It's a pity we need to have this conversation though. It illustrates to me how many continue to miss the entire point of nurturing a respect for life, and what happens when we lose that respect. Quality of life is a false religion.

The DimPost covers some of the obvious detrimental points, and asks the question on what the Catholic stance is on this issue. I thought that went without saying, although maybe there's an angle some-one wants to take with that one. I ripped off a quick reply there, and here it is here:

You asked what the Catholic Churches’ stance was.

It’s pretty much that sterilization is another form of contraception and the same arguments hold:

* Taking the possibility of creating life out of the picture tends to lead to an objectification of the act and the persons involved in the act. That in term degrades the depth and intimacy of the relationship, and new life is treated as an inconvenient “disease” rather than a product of love.

* It could lead to governments forcing (or encouraging in a forceful way) sterilization on people. It’s happened all over the place, with bad outcomes: Sweden, from the wiki: The eugenistic legislation was enacted in 1934 and was formally abolished in 1976. According to the 2000 governmental report, 21,000 were estimated to have been forcibly sterilized, 6,000 were coerced into a ‘voluntary’ sterilization while the nature of a further 4,000 cases could not be determined.[17] The Swedish state subsequently paid out damages to many of the victims.

Hows that for starters?

Oh, and I personally think it’s a very bad idea.

Here's where it started:
ACT of abortion

Here's the DimPost with Garrettogenesis

And I'll do a post soon on the words (from a song) that run through my head when we move on to topics such as this. DimPost can take credit for the connection to that via his post title. And here it is: Nemesis

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