Monday, March 15, 2010

Andrei Everything is a commodity in these enlightened times

IVF doctors to raffle human egg.

Let's get this straight, post menopausal women are bringing children into this world who will have no possible way of knowing who their biological mother or biological father really were.

Children who will only know an elderly surrogate mother.

Brave new world or sad one?

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ZenTiger said...

While payment for such services is illegal in Britain, the clinic has arranged for another centre in the United States to provide the IVF treatment to the raffle winner.

They don't seem to care that it is illegal, and I wonder why the authorities could not consider it illegal if they pay for some-one else to do the job for them?

Is it not the same (legal) issue as renditions of terrorist suspects to other countries to engage in torture?

Reggie said...

"Brave new world or sad one?"

One on a slippery slope stuff at least ...

Anonymous said...

Whilst I understand your concern, I wonder if this is really much different than, say, Rupert Murdoch fathering a child at 74. Not all that likely to be around for high school, let alone all the other milestones in a child's life.

Andrei said...

LRO while a man in his seventies siring a child in the time honored fashion, with a woman of child bearing age may not be the optimum it is still far far preferable than assembling one in a petri dish from components taken from unknown sources and incubating it in an elderly mother.

You must be willfully blind if you cannot see this.

Consider when the woman who carries the child dies to whom exactly will this child have any identifiable family or biological connection?

ZenTiger said...

And then there's the element of the raffle, and the deliberate flouting of the laws of the land.

These people seem to think that the illegal manufacturing of children is something as inconvenient to get around as tax laws, and those that set up off-shore trusts solely for that purpose.

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