Thursday, March 11, 2010

Andrei Satanic works

Matthew Drudge is headlining a Times story about Father Gabriele Amorth and a book he has written.

Fr Amorth is the Vatican's chief exorcist and his view is that the problems besetting the Church are Satanic in origin.

Of course in these enlightened times it is unfashionable to believe in Satan and his demons, such things seem medieval to the modern scientific mind.

So the headline and the linked story may take on a tone of mockery.

I believe the Devil is real and that he probes all mankind, looking to drive us into disbelief sin and despair to further separate us from our Creator.

Satan is the great deceiver and one of his effective deceptions today is the lie that he doesn't exist and if you don't believe he exists then you will be oblivious to his wiles.

Are the banal acts of evil we read about and sometimes observe really just random in origin, or are they really a symptom of our separation from God, an illness that befell mankind in the Garden of Eden?

Do I believe Satan has "infiltrated the Vatican corridors"?

The proof is in the stories that the Times run to embarrass the Vatican, for wherever you see sin you can be sure the Devil has a hand in it one way or another.

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Lucia Maria said...

I have two of Fr. Amorth's books. They make for very interesting reading.

However, I can see that his comments are going to help the more hysterical sorts to say that yes, this proves that Rome is the whore of Babylon.

It's more apt to think of individuals who have stopped listening to their consciences and instead allow themselves to be tempted - like Judas.

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