Friday, March 12, 2010

Andrei Crucifixes out, Condoms in

You may have read, the European Court of Human rights banned the display of crucifixes in Italian classrooms a few months ago - a ruling currently under appeal.

Today a news story has broken about a Roman school which intends to install condom vending machines in its bathrooms.

There is something holy about condoms to the secular elite - people who flinch at the sight of a Crucifix or an Icon of the Virgin Mary adore little rubber sleeves.

The real the aim of these people is to degrade human relationships, cheapen and trivialize sex and loosen the bonds that bind families.

Italy's fertility rate 2009, 1.31 - Population replacement fertility rate 2.1.

Consequence Italians are dying out.

And the barbarians have taken the city.

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