Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Andrei The tomb of Jesus, Hiroshima and Victoria University

What is the connection between, The tomb of Jesus, Hiroshima and Victoria University?

The answer is Charles Pellegrino, who has written books on the first two and claims to having obtained his PhD from the last.

The tomb of Jesus book was taken up with gusto by the Discovery Channel, even though the scholarship behind it was obviously meagre.

James Cameron (of Avatar fame) was interested in making a film on the Hiroshima book and indeed Charles Pellegrino was a scientific advisor for Avatar and also provided much of the material used in Titanic.

So Charles Pellegrino was on a roll until the New York Times picked up one dodgy source in the Hiroshima book and started probing .....

And one of the things they checked out was Mr Pellegrino's Victoria University PhD.

And apparently just like the some of the sources in his books it doesn't exist.

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