Monday, August 15, 2011

Andrei The big news out of the National conference is a big nothing

So there is to be a shake up of beneficiaries - jolly good.

The hopeless young with no future will be given food stamps.

What they wont be given is a future.

How depressing.

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dad4justice said...

This is sad Andrei. The fact that the National party can only think of giving food stamps to wayward youth is yet another nail in the coffin of a stable New Zealand in the future. Are our government not worried about our appalling rankings on the world stage when it comes to childhood/youth issues? It is alleged that one in four children live in poverty and we have disgusting child abuse statistics, however children do not seem to be a priority for this socialist government.

What the hell has happened to a once proud New Zealand?

Cartwright said...

I will buy Foodstamps or products purchased on the new scheme from young beneficiaries at the following rates:
For $20 worth of approved products I will give the young beneficiary a pack of smokes of their choice.
For $30 worth of products I offer a choice of 12 premixed drinks, or a box of 18 Tui.

This is in keeping with my right wing entrepreneurial principles.

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