Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lucia The Rite is out on DVD

I have been waiting for The Rite for most of the year and last week it finally came out on DVD in New Zealand and we watched it on Saturday night.

The Rite is a movie on exorcism, and a young man's struggle with his faith. Afterwards, my ten year old said he could see why I was waiting for it and that it was like watching a movie with battles, but the battles were fought with prayer.

A movie worth watching and Anthony Hopkins was great!

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Seán said...

I was somewhat disappointed with the movie to be honest. Exorcism victim just didn't seem to sit right with me.

Well anyway, in Madrid now, and today is the official first day of WYD 2011. And the young pilgrims are absolutely everywhere. It's just unbelievable especially at this time of year Madrid is dead as everyone is away on holidays. Groups of youth everywhere, flags, songs all the works. Pope arrives Thursday, leaves Sunday so it's only going to get crazier as the week wears on. Quite an atmosphere, that's for sure.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Sean,

I wouldn't call her an exorcism victim as much as a possession victim. You wouldn't call someone who had surgery to remove a cancer a surgery victim, would you?

Awesome that you are in Madrid. Enjoy it!

Seán said...

Yep, you're right, I selected the wrong term.

Well I was just on the underground Madrid metro again tonight, about 11pm and these youth groups are just everywhere bursting into song willy nilly. Very impressive. Only downside is that I feel old ;-((

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