Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Andrei Today's Puzzle

There is a bit of tsk tsking going on today over events in dear old blighty. And what is happening over there is not good. That's for sure.

But before jumping to too many conclusions over these matters perhaps it is worth pondering this photograph.

Can anybody identify these people and the circumstances in which it was taken, which was less than a month ago?

It is highly relevant I promise.

An electronic chocolate fish for the first person answers it.

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Reggie said...

The brilliant Dave Gilmour escorts his little trendy Marxist son into court after some of his shenanigans during the recent student fee protests.

University education . . can't beat it can you?

Anonymous said...

I didn't recognise any of them but if Reggie is right I remember the incident which sparked the court appearance and as you say it is relevant to this week's riots.

Andrei said...

That was mighty fast Reggie - take the electronic chocolate fish.

Indeed it is Charlie Gilmore, Cambridge University undergraduate with David Gilmore and his mother Polly Samson.

Of course his huge mistake was to attack someone even higher in the pecking order than he is - The car carrying the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

So 16 months jail for him.

Mind you Sir Elton John has dubbed him the "Cambridge One" and Rupert Murdoch has also gone into bat for his early release - so he is not without friends.

Jeremy Harris said...

Is it Harry Potter being escorted to his bar exam?

Hoolian said...

Probably didn't help that you saved the picture as:


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