Thursday, August 11, 2011

Andrei More gender diversity pap

The face of 21st century masculinity?
So the NZX is "considering "mandatory gender diversity reporting" and in a related story the Herald is reporting that Goldman Sachs reckons we should be using females to rebuild Christchurch.

Meanwhile it is only a matter of time, apparently, before we have our first penisless member of the SAS. Which is all very modern and wonderful, I'm sure.

And in the brave new world we are creating there are two female graduates to every male graduate. And the only people having significant numbers of children are the underclass. And our world is becoming completely feminized.

What's wrong with having feminine females and masculine men.

And why have we lost sight of the fact that raising children is as an important economic activity as digging for coal - because without a new generation who hold our values to carry on from when we are gone we are nothing.

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Seán said...

Andrei - with all due respect, what the point of this post exactly? Digging for coal? And why the choice of a picture of a teen as "the face of masculinity"?

At most I can fathom you are saying that due to more women working to help rebuild Chch and more women (a woman) in the SAS somehow equates to a new generation unable to hold our values. Is this right?

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Andrei said...

Sean - men and women are different, this is not some ivory tower conjecture it is a fact.

And every society has always socialized boys and girls differently because if they didn't those societies wouldn't persist and most societies haven't persisted when it comes down to it. They have been overwhelmed.

And the current fad whereby girls have been socialized into taking on male roles means two things - males are pushed out and the women who take their places do not produce many if any children which in the long term will be the death of our society.

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