Monday, August 29, 2011

Andrei It's a penguin for goodness sake

There are people in this country who living in circumstances that if you kept an animal that way you would be prosecuted. But a penguin in distress ......

Fans in tears as Happy Feet makes tracks

Priorities priorities ?????????????????

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Lucia Maria said...


I learned that lesson many years ago when I was 14. At the beginning of the year my little cat died and I was so upset.

But then a few months later my best friend committed suicide, and in comparison my grief for her in order of magnitude was a thousand times greater.

I was actually ashamed of how much I had mourned my cat those few months prior.

KG said...

Never be ashamed to mourn a much-loved pet. Didn't St. Francis have something to say on the subject of how we should regard animals?

Muerk said...

The failure is not in the care we gave a sick penguin, but in the failure to care properly for the people in this country.

And I agree with KG.

I.M Fletcher said...

Saw this on the news this morning - giving him a card etc etc. How the hell would he know?

Strange how people can be moved by childish things and yet totally unmoved by the suffering of a fellow human being. It's an upside down world alright.

Medusa said...

Oh for heavens sake, we need *happy* news you miserable people. Do you EVER have anything positive to say? The Tangaroa was going down south on a scheduled research voyage anyway, taking on one extra passenger for 4 days costs NOTHING!! (I know, my husband is on board, the only costs for the bird was its medical treatment, most of which has been covered by generous donations from the public)

ZenTiger said...

I agree with Medusa here. It is only a bird, but its great some people have tried to save it.

Whilst there are priorities in life, what I also like is that these causes like this can be spread across many people, each using their own talents to care for their special thing, and the total effect across the nation can become one of a total response to the diverse issues in life.

Saving Happy Feet is a worthy cause! (He said chirpily)

There are always going to be competing priorities, and hopefully this one will move people to care about other such priorities.

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