Monday, August 8, 2011

Andrei Just don't brief the prick

Goff to pick ex-minister as SIS third party.

The law says the Leader of the opposition, a man who has proven in the past to be entirely untrustworthy, has to be given security briefings by the head of the SIS.

It does not say that they have to be given to anybody else, that the Leader of the opposition chooses to have present and indeed if somebody else is present they should not be given.

Somebody fed a line of pap to a journalist based upon an SIS investigation, that very few people knew about, in order to try and overshadow the Prime Minister's trip to the USA by beating up a "spy scandal" in the midst of it.

And somebody was mighty quick off the mark when that story appeared in print to get out the line the the Prime Minister needed to Come clean over Israeli suspicions. So quickly in fact it seems as though that somebody must read the Southland Times while munching on their weetbix.

You might be tempted to think that somebody knew that that story was coming and were itching to get their "Come clean over Israeli suspicions" line into the media as quickly as possible.

And that same somebody has been making a lot of noise about not having seen the briefing upon which that story was based.

To quote Shakespeare, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You got it!

Seán said...

One has to wonder why the dead Israeli's mates left the country so quickly. Why didn't they stick around to sort out the arrangements of their dead mates affairs, from a local perspective. Like contacting his friends and family, arranging his body to go back to his family in Israel, undoubtedly working with the Israeli consulate. Plus his belongings etc. But instead they chose to flee. Hmmmmm.....

Andrei said...

I expect Sean they found themselves dislocated in a foreign country, along with thousands of others, with little more than the clothes they had on their back.

Seán said...

Little more than the clothes they had on their back, but enough for an urgent airline ticket back home? [Insert Tui billboard here]

Andrei said...

but enough for an urgent airline ticket back home?

I expect the embassy organized it - and I expect the British, American and Australian Embassies did similar things for their citizens who found themselves in distress after the earthquake.

A girl I knew was repatriated by the British Embassy on behalf of the NZ Government after she was involved in a serious Bus crash in Turkey. Assistance also involved provision clothing and toiletries as I recall in that case

Seán said...

Andrei - I had assumed the so-called mates of the deceased had logged onto in haste but now you reckon it was via the Israeli embassy? And within 12 hours? This only adds to the oddities, if anything.

Andrei said...

That 12 hour figure is bogus - There wasn't any easy way out of or into Christchurch on that day for anybody!

The Israeli Consul flew to Dunedin, hired a car and drove to Christchurch and didn't get their until the next day! And there were close on 180 Israelis in the quake zone and he was tasked with accounting for them all and making sure their needs were met.

If they left within 12 hours, Sean that means that they somehow got to Auckland, via Wellington and caught a plane at about 1am on the 23rd.

Just aint possible not even for Mossad

Seán said...

The 5 passports was bogus, and now the 12 hours was bogus and now there were 180 Israelis affected by the 22-Feb earthquake in Chch. Which was the Israeli rescue team so keen to find? The guy with 5 passports? Or the guy with no mates? Too many questions.

Andrei said...

Sean there were thousands of tourists in Christchurch when the earthquake hit.

And the Brits, Australians and Americans all put people into Chch to assist them.

There was a big list of peoples names compiled by the Police and the Embassies of people who were unaccounted for - and as they were located they were ticked off.

Two Israelis died as I recall - there was no connection between them.

The original story in the Southland Times was full of errors and innuendo.

When I first read it I was as skeptical as hell, and rightly so I think.

Seán said...

You keep referring to the Brits, Australians and Americans. Not sure how they're relevant here.

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