Monday, August 22, 2011

Andrei The world is full of experts who always know what is best - well in theory

Well I'll be darned:
Naughty five and six-year-olds are increasingly being turfed out of school as experts say the behaviour of young pupils is getting worse.

One child psychologist says poor parenting is part of the problem, and exposure to drugs or alcohol in the womb is having a terrible impact of some children.
The story comes with it's very own opinion poll whereby you can express your opinion as to why the "behaviour of young pupils is getting worse".

In a Government guided by experts initiative, of course, a tool that had been in the parental arsenal for guiding wayward children for ever - the humble smack was ruled to be not only poor parenting but illegal besides.

And although a public opinion poll on the matter, a referendum no less, revealed that the ordinary New Zealander thought the tried and true smack was not poor parenting but in fact a way of instructing non conforming young children that their own will was not the be all and end all and that social norms need to be adhered to.

However big nanny Government knows best, and parents cannot discipline and socialize their kids and nor can school teachers for that matter.

Thus toddler tantrums persist beyond early childhood and appear in school rooms - and the hand wringing about could be possibly going wrong becomes more urgent.

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