Friday, August 19, 2011

Lucia Shut up socialists - Michael Voris in Spain for World Youth Day

Michael Voris begins his chat with the socialist protests in Spain against World Youth Day and the visit of the Holy Father. They say that Spain cannot afford such an extravagance in a period of economic downturn, as if the Government is paying for the event. Yet the Government of Spain is not paying, World Youth Day is entirely financed by attendees. Obviously truth does not matter to the opponents of the Catholic Church.

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Seán said...

Same old story from the socialists. Likely the security and street setup is financed by local and central government but this was a cost expected when it was agreed to hold the WYD in Madrid in the first place. No complaints from them for the reasons given in this post. Similar to cities/countries wanting to host the World Cup, Olympics etc (but without the need for expensive stadiums to be built), there is a clear economic benefit from the influx of visitors, and this is most certainly needed in Spain right now. And certainly welcomed by the vast majority of madrileños. International media don't tend to paint it this way of course. I live here, I know how it is being received.

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