Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Andrei We will all be better off with Grandmothers not worker bees

Mr Key has received a letter, via Labour MP Grant Robertson.

The letter expresses concern about the epistler's mother, a sixty three year old woman apparently about to be made redundant from the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.
In the letter, the woman says her usually "loving and vibrant" mother is now "depressed and anxious" after learning she is not likely to get one of the few vacancies left open.

"This has terrified her and she is in turmoil and worry about her future, something that a woman of her age does not need."

Her mother may have to leave her one-bedroom flat as she will no longer be able to afford the rent, apply for the unemployment benefit and state-funded accommodation.

Do you think that whatever woman is doing in the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry is mentally stimulating and emotionally rewarding?

Or has she been so conditioned to socialistic worker beehood that she cannot see time spent with her grandchildren might be the thing she should really be doing at her time of life.

A human being not a tiny cog in the machinery of state spending her declining years in meaningless drudgery.

Boy oh boy have the big Statists ever done a number on peoples heads.

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enjiner said...

Um, what? Seriously, this seems like a non-sequiter. I've always seen socialism push the 'work = drudgery/oppression' opinion. Taking joy in one's work has always seemed a strong argument for capitalism. And I think wanting to avoid dependence on the state ('apply for the unemployment benefit and state-funded accommodation') has to be the opposite of a socialist attitude.

I'm not saying that the redundancies shouldn't happen; I don't know the details. But to blame this on socialism really seems a reach.

Andrei said...

This story, my friend stretches credibility beyond stretching point.

Less than two years too retirement and about to be thrown on the mercy of the welfare state with nothing?

What about redundancy payments for a start? Hmmmmmm

But if it is at all somehow true and not total lefty melodrama - she has at least one daughter - no? The one Who wrote this letter.

If your sixty three year old mother was about to end up on the streets what would you do? And what is more to the point, wouldn't it be your responsibility to do it?

My friend before the Government took charge of all our lives caring for a parent or parents was part of the deal and they often also contributed by helping raise the family doing the household chores while they could etc.

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