Thursday, August 4, 2011

Andrei He really has been a silly Philly - again

Labour Leader not shown Israeli document.

Mr Slater has played Mr Goff like a fiddle and he is dragging out his misery until 6pm this evening.

And Phil Goff would be Prime Minister?

Andrei shakes his head in disbelief

Update: Looks like the Whale couldn't wait and has administered the coup de grâce

Update 2: There's more to come? This really is death by 1000 cuts for poor Mr Goff. As for that lunchtime press release - well what can you say? It's just plain bonkers.

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Ciaron said...

I never read that document. Warren Tucker is wrong

Ignorance is no excuse. Just because you didn't read it Philly, doesn't mean it wasn't presented. Can this guy be a bigger tool?

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