Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Andrei Let's send "Crusher" Collins to Chechnya

Maybe she can sort them out and we'd be rid of her. But I doubt she would get very far, they are just about ungovernable.

Coming as we do from a society where we are increasingly wrapped in strangled by cotton wool there is something magnificent about these dumb dzhigits following an age old wedding custom and having fun. Watch the whole thing it is quite a ride.

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HAL9000 said...

You are being silly. Magnificant it is not just irresponsible

Its a stock car race on public roads with other people and oncoming traffic.

Andrei said...

Nope, my tongue is firmly in my cheek.

Personally I chafe a bit under the pettiness of our rule makers.

Sometimes "boy racers" piss me off but I was young once and if you are red blooded male the steam has to come out somehow - no?

And you can't make life risk free no matter how hard you try and eventually you reach a point if you do try that is plain not worth it.

We've gone way beyond that point in a lot of areas IMHO

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