Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Andrei Has Labour passed its "use by" date

The news is out the Televised leaders debate will between John Key and the Labour leader, which Whaleoil's blandisments notwithstanding will presumably be Phil Goff.

Do I care that the leaders of the "minnow" parties don't get to preen before cameras in a debate with John Key?


Does beg the question though, if Labour gets a well deserved trouncing come November do they actually join the ranks of the minnows and if so what of the election in 2014?

I am firm advocate of voting MMP out come November and I have been looking at the "quality" of the MPs that the party lists actually deliver.

And Labour's list MPs contain a woeful bunch (National's are not much better, to be frank). But Labour's newer ones are dominated by people who have targeted politics since their "uni" days.

They sure as hell aren't the Labour of Norm Kirk, they are not traditional Labour. They are actually for the most part the scions of privilege, and real labour, i.e. swinging a 16lb sledge and the like is as foreign to them as Kyrgyzstan's komuz music.

Dunno - it might be a good move to hold my nose very tightly and vote the Greens to help bury the rotting corpse that is the 21st century Labour party.

Just a thought for now.

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Melva said...

"it might be a good move to hold my nose very tightly and vote the Greens"

I dare you to do it ;)


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Might pay to sneak into that headline and change past to passed.

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