Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lucia Monday is a Holy Day of Obligation for NZ Catholics [UPDATE 2]

Blessed Virgin Mary Icon, dated to before 750AD, stolen in Wellington in the 1960's.

On Monday Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, when she was taken up into Heaven, body and soul, when she had completed her earthly life.

This day is a Holy Day of Obligation for all Catholics in New Zealand, which means we all need to go to Mass just as if it were Sunday or Christmas. The Assumption is also the Patronal Feast for New Zealand.

So, given all that, you'd think that a big deal would be made in Parish bulletins and websites alerting people to the fact that they need to incorporate Mass into their schedules on Monday. But no, have found no parish that even mentions that people need to be turning up on Monday.

I've checked a few major parishes in Wellington and very few have online newsletters or keep their websites up to date. In Wellington, the current newsletter for the Cathedral is dated April 3, so can't tell if Monday is mentioned. St Mary of the Angels just has an advertisement up for a public lecture talk on the 17th by Fr Justin Taylor on their home page. Saints Peter and Paul in Lower Hutt have a What's On in our parish page, but nothing about the Assumption either.  If anyone knows of any parish anywhere in New Zealand that is actually making a big deal of the Assumption of Our Lady on Monday, please let me know.

Update 2: A reader has informed me that his priest of  the Holy Cross parish in Miramar told the congregation last Sunday about the upcoming Holy Day of obligation.  So, big kudos to Fr Purcell.

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Muerk said...

The Greymouth parish of St Patrick's specifically reminded us last week that the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a Holy Day of obligation.

telecommando said...

9:15 @ the Cathedral, it's a Sacred Heart School mass led by the juniors - my 6 yr old has been practicing his prayer of the faithful.

mzala said...

Glenfield, Herne Bay, Nortchote, Beachhaven all on board. Announced and highlighted in mass leaflets.

Dont know about the parish composition in your area but this side has quite a Filipino, Indian, South African, Iraqi and Korean presence (as well as kiwi :). Most of these groups are particularly devoted to Our Laady. Just been telling my niece how our mother would get us up at 5.30 to say the rosary before my father went to work at 6.

mzala said...

Aplogies, of course, it's "Our Lady"

Lucia Maria said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. It looks like there are pinpoints of light amongst the darkness. In my own particular area, there were only two Masses in the morning (9 & 9:30 am at two separate suburbs covered by the one administrative area). While the Masses were advertised, it was not stated that Monday was a Holy Day of Obligation, nor was there an opportunity for those who work to go later as there was no evening Mass. I believe the two are linked, that if it was advertised as a day that you had to go to Mass, then extra Masses would have to be provided.

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