Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Andrei The speech 2011

I wouldn't normally embed something like this, with language like this but given today's news it is probably worthwhile disseminating this.
This is a fucking realtiy. Allow out burning peoples property.
Allow out burning peoples shops that they work so hard to start their business.
Do you understand?
That lady is trying to make her business work and you lot wanna go and burn it up?
For what? To say your war-ing and your bad man?

This is about a man who got shot in Tottenham. This aint about having fun on the road and burning up the place.
Get it real black people. Get real. Do it for a cause. If your fighting for a cause then fight for a fucking cause.

You lot piss me the fuck off! I'm shamed to be a Hackney person. Because we are not all gathering together and fighting for a cause. We are running out of Footlocker and theifin shoes. Dirty thiefs ya know. Tut

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