Friday, August 12, 2011

Lucia Friday night free for all

Once a nation ceases to believe it begins to obey. As William Penn warned: "Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants."

Archbishop Fulton Sheen on The Christian order and education

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Andrei said...

It's a while since we did this?

It's darn cold tonite and worse on the way I'm told.

Oh bliss, oh joy.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Andrei,

Yeah. I'm looking forward to spring. Some of my roses are starting to grow, they'll get a shock this weekend. At least we don't normally get snow.

dad4justice said...

God bless all. Keep warm and keep happy :-)

Lucia Maria said...

Well, now that I've retrieved the husband from the train station and picked up a takeaway dinner, and had a glass of red wine, I've been sitting here watching Fulton Sheen talk on education. He just fantastic. I'll be off to do the Rosary soon, but I will return.

Lucia Maria said...

Ah, D4J, good to see you. I hope you are well?

Barnsley Bill said...

Tropical papaya trial moving into the garage tonight.They claim we may get our second frost of the year!
Evening all.

Lucia Maria said...


Haven't seen you for a while, either! I'm happy you could drop in. I hope you are well and life is good.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Fiji for three weeks.

dad4justice said...

Lucia Maria, I am well thanks and my four children are great.However my city ChCh is rather sad at present.All good for the future.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Adolf,

Fiji sounds great!


Evening/ morning all.
18c and cloudy with showers.
Not bad for summer eh!
Seriously, I wish i was having the snow you are supposed to be getting down south.
Looks like the hilltops near you might be getting some, Lucia Maria.
BB should be safe but didn't the highest peaks of Northland get a dusting a few weeks back?

Lucia Maria said...


Good to hear from you as well.

Doesn't sound very warm at all, is 18 your expected high?

Yes, we also had snow flurries down here on the beach, but I didn't see any. I'm not really looking forward to it, just a bit too cold for me and for this house, all the cold seeps in even with the heaters on. We even had a power failure one evening because everyone overloaded it all, just around dinner time. Fortunately, I had just about finished making dinner and we had to eat by candle and torchlight.

Were you alright with all the riots?


Hi Lucia Maria

Yes, 18c was the high.
May make 20 on Saturday if the sun comes out.
I am a long way from the riots , fortunately, but there was a major battle a few centurues ago at the other side of the village.

I hope you made the candles romantic for hubby and exciting for the kids.

And if you get some snow at the weekend, you thoroughly enjoy it.
I hope there is enough for sledging somewhere nearby.

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