Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Andrei Proof that "climate scientists" are not scientists at all

You may know that New Zealand's climate "scientists" are refusing to debate Lord Monckton on the matter.

Here is what one has to say as to his reasons
Climate scientist and Victoria University professor Martin Manning said the scientific community had decided not to engage with him because that would mislead the public. The science was done and there was no debate to be had, he said.
This is what I would say to Professor Manning:

"The science is never done Charlie Horse. Science only progresses because people challenge the prevailing wisdom and in the process expand our knowledge of how the world works."

What a waste of space - such abysmal ignorance of how science works should be a sackable offense.

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Just had to smile when I saw the motto on the Open Parachute blog.
"The mind doesn't work if it's closed."
But the eco-fascists are doing all they can to suppress debate!!

Redbaiter said...

A stark example of how our public institutions have been rendered utterly useless by the left.

JJ said...

The science is done eh? Unbelievable. They just lost the right to be called scientists by saying this.

ZenTiger said...

Interesting statement from the SID (science is done) brigade.

I wonder if he had that comment peer reviewed prior to publishing?

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