Monday, August 29, 2011

Andrei Well look who Mr Farrar is earning money from today

This would be capitalism at its finest folks.

My guess is that Mr Farrar gets paid per click - so go to his site and if you see this banner click on it. Let's all move money from Greenpeace's bank account to Mr Farrar's.

Also if you like Tuna go and buy some Sealord Tuna today. Support the company.

From now on when ever Greenpeace campaigns against anything, I am going to buy it and so should you.

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I.M Fletcher said...

I quite often buy Sealord Tuna, and will continue to do so.

PM of NZ said...

Been over there and clicked a few times. Also left a msg on their blog, don't expect that to last.

Psycho Milt said...

I extracted the Greenpeace URL from the Google ads URL so DPF wouldn't get any money when I went there.

Annoying as Greenpeace may be, they appear to have a legitimate complaint about Sealord's fishing practices in this instance. Why are you recommending we support this company, Andrei? Is there something about unnecessarily stripping the oceans of their wildlife that appeals to you? Should we also support slave labour on fishing boats simply because lefties are opposed to it? Genuine questions.

Andrei said...

Well PM if Greenpeace is correct and the Tuna stocks get overfished there comes a point where it is a loosing proposition to go and catch tuna - it costs more than it returns.

And then the fishing stops after which the fisheries recover.

This happened in the Adriatic before WW1. It also happened with anchovies off the coast of South America in the seventies as I recall and when that happened the sardine population in the same waters took off, nature abhors a vacuum as they say.

As for foreign fishing vessels now there's a classic left wing own goal. Firstly the quota system was introduced "to prevent over fishing" but actually to give the government control over who got to fish. And then of course a third of the quota eventually ended up in the hands of troughing Maori who had no real fishing industry experience but could rake in the dosh by getting Koreans to do the hard yakka for them.

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