Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lucia I am a slave of my parents [UPDATE]

In his Year 9 class, my oldest son who used to homeschool and is now discovering the joys of a secular education, told me yesterday that many children in his class considered themselves slaves of their parents. I kid you not.

My son was astounded. As he told me, they don't know what real slavery is. Many of them had a hard time getting their heads around a society with instituted slavery, where a person couldn't just beat up their master and run away. My son studied ancient Rome (and to a lesser extent, ancient Greece) while at home and thought his co-pupils were really missing out on a fundamental basic understanding of how the world works.

I'm not sure better literacy and numeracy is going to solve this problem.

UPDATE: It's seems I posted too soon. Joyful Papist has linked to another blog post where slavery is being redefined as being an earner by having the Government pay for a child's existence. Hmmm...

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