Thursday, November 10, 2011

Andrei Election 2011 - the second day you could have voted

Even though I could have voted today (or yesterday for that matter) or I could tomorrow I'm going to wait 'til the official day and tick my boxes in the local primary school hall.

Ah - but what boxes to tick? That is a very vexing question to say the least.

Today the nice Mr Goff is suggesting a chicken in every pot a living wage for all is on his agenda if elected.

And meanwhile the nice Mr Key is promising that people wont have to wait as long to get their hemorrhoids sorted if we give him our tick.

Both very noble objectives that I can support as I'm sure you do to.

But how to choose between them?

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JJ said...

I don't vote anymore. I simply cannot in all good conscience vote for any party that supports sodomy, abortion and prostitution along with the continued destruction of the family. A plague on all their houses.

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