Thursday, November 17, 2011

Andrei Greens supported by weird Christian Cult?

Election silly season - it's really depressing what is deemed important by our elites.

I was reminded of a piece of nonsense from 2005 - the Exclusive Brethren thing. And how they were cast as a "secretive cult" interfering in the democratic political process. Of course they had just as much right to engage in political dialogue as everybody else but their message was not one the elites wanted heard.

Fast forward to 2011

And in this silly season a Green Anglican Priest's political discourse consisted of a major billboard vandalization campaign.

Unlike "cuppagate" this Greens scandal has been a two day wonder - the elite media has pretty much moved on.

Whereas with "cuppagate" they are doing everything they can to keep alive.

And so it was with the "EB" thing back in 2005 - kept alive for weeks.

But if it suited the needs of the elite couldn't the association of the Greens with Liberal Anglicanism be cast as sinister?

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Anonymous said...

In 2005 the media could have focussed on the peldge card rort instead but didn't.

This time they could follow the vandalism story but haven't.

Gaia and leftwing liberal religions are more equal than others.

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