Monday, November 14, 2011

Andrei A funny system of ethics

Bryce Johns that is - with his illicitly recorded tape of the two Johns.

He is implying that it contains stuff that would embarrass and/or humiliate them.

Personally I think it is time for ACT to go and I would rather Mr Key had kept them at arms length and that National would seriously campaign to win the Epsom seat - but he didn't.

Here is what that scuzz bag has to say after implying it contains stuff that could affect the outcome of the election if published

"It's in the public interest and we would love to publish it but ethically we are the ones that have made the right call here by not doing it."

Taking the high ground? - NOT!

Ethically Mr Bryce you could have either

(a) Published a full transcript and worn the personal consequences which would, deservedly in my opinion, follow.


(b) Decided it was unethical to listen to private conversations surreptitiously obtained and destroyed it without listening to it.

Having a bob each way in this manner is just repellent.

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