Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lucia Giant hand holding tiny baby - what else could it be?

See the sculpture in the middle of all the people letting off green balloons?

It's a giant hand holding a tiny little baby, that in real life if you were to use those proportions, the baby could not be anything other than an unborn child.  Born babies are never that small.

The first time I saw the sculpture, I was amazed that a pro-life symbol was sitting in front of the local police station.  Later, I heard that it's purpose was actually to draw attention to the care we should give children, that it was an anti-abuse sculpture, not an pro-life one.

Looks like I'm not the only one that thought it was the perfect pro-life sculpture, which has annoyed the group the commissioned the sculpture and surprised the artist.

The ultimate child abuse is to kill children and abortion fits that description perfectly. Kapiti Voices Against Violence should embrace that aspect of it rather than get all huffy and say that the above use of it is "inappropriate".

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Andrei said...

"Voices Against Violence was the organisation that commissioned it, and it's about nurturing and protecting the most vulnerable in our community, which is children.

Hah - and what are the unborn if not children and most vulnerable?

And what is ripping them untimely from the womb in which they are being nurtured if it isn't violence?

dad4justice said...

Common sense says the law should classify abortion as culpable homicide.

ZenTiger said...

Ironic use of the term "EVER" in the banner.

James said...

Funny how the people who get all weepy over clumps of cells don't give a crap about about the rights of the person who's body is hosting those same cells....

But then anti-abortionism has always been about the religious believers secret insecurity re their deity's existence and power and nothing to do with preserving life at all...

Andrei said...

Funny how people who commit crimes against humanity deny the humanity of their victims, eh James

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