Monday, November 7, 2011

Andrei When is an actor not an actor?

When she wins the Oscar for best actress I guess.

What bought this to mind is the Herald's account of Green's campaign launch
The Greens' election campaign opened with a vitriolic attack on Prime Minister John Key and his Government from actor Robyn Malcolm who savaged what she described as his preference for photo opportunities over tackling environmental and social problems.
Why isn't she an actress? She has a boys name, in her case feminized by changing the "i" in the usual spelling to a "y" but a boy's name never the less.

But that's an aside - what is with this gender neutrality business?

Is it bad to be a girl? What is wrong with being a girl?

Is gender neutrality the ultimate in sexism and oppressive to women by seeking to undermine what they really are - stealing from them their femininity?

Why don't girls take back their birth right from the social engineers?

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Sb said...


its got nothing to do with social engineering but everything to do with union contracts.

Equity changed its rules in the early eighties to remove all Actor/Actress references from its contracts. Since then all union paper work has only used Actor as its reference.

Malcolm is both very pro equity and pro union so it should be no surprise that she would insist in being called an Actor.

I.M Fletcher said...

I always call females in that work an actress and I'm not going to change. Is not calling them an 'actor' supposed to diminish somehow the job they are doing because they're not called exactly the same name as a man?

How stupid, and puerile.

Does that mean you're not allowed to say ballerina as well?

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