Monday, November 28, 2011

Andrei There is more to life and civil society than economic purity

Blog readers may know there is a bit of upset in some quarters that the Conservative Party of New Zealand did quite well on its first outing in a General Election while another so called right wing party didn't and is in fact its death throws despite having an MP - albeit one who doesn't match the critics conception of what an ACT MP should be I'd posit.

Indeed on one blog leading this charge freedom of speech seems to have gone west as any commentary on their posts regarding this vanish into the fourth dimension - which is most odd, most odd indeed.

There is one nation in the world that exhibits the economic purity that the devotees of ACT and libertarian types so desire, where business can carry on unimpeded by Government regulation perhaps they could emigrate there.

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Lucia Maria said...

There could just be a simple explanation, such as only Psycho Milt has admin access and hasn't been there today to turn moderation off, or no one else knows how to do it. That or the megalomaniacs rule.

Nick K said...


Am I thick, or is this post intentionally over-complicated?

Lucia Maria said...

So, what's up with all the comment moderation, Nick?

It's still there, even though PM popped up to comment on one of my threads here, so that theory is out.

libertyscott said...

Oh how droll Andrei. Can't tell the difference between an anarchist and a libertarian? Let's make it simple so you can understand.

Anarchist - One who support the absence or destruction of the state or any authority similar to the state.

Libertarian - One who believes the role of the state should be restricted to exercising the same rights citizens have - that being the right to self defence against external attack (defence), the initiation of force and fraud within the state (murder, rape, assault, theft, fraud, property rights, defamation) and the enforcement of contracts and torts.

The closest example today would be Hong Kong, the closest example in history would have been the USA until the late 19th century.

Somalia is incapable of allowing business to carry on unimpeded because there is no protection of property rights.

Oh and I'm nonplussed about the success of the Conservative Party. Those of us who believe in economic and personal freedom shouldn't be fussed either, and might learn something from how to organise a campaign.

Andrei said...

That's the thing isn't Libertyccott

Libertarians are quite happy to use the power of the State to preserve their own property, to protect them from those who are stronger than themselves and even to protect young boys from the NAMBLA characters who doubtless feel they are oppressed by the State interfering with their rights to have sex with young boys.

It all comes down to how you allow the State to exercise its power and to what ends.

I'm a small Government man myself, I think it is way too intrusive.

I'm a Conservative as well and I believe their are societal structures that help keep it functioning smoothly outside of government control - Traditional Marriage and the nuclear family would be one of those structures.

KG said...

Real freedom would be the freedom for individuals to use whatever force (and means) necessary to preserve their lives, family, and their property. No viable political party currently supports that.

Psycho Milt said...

Thanks for mentioning it - looks like whoever turned comments back on after the election also turned on moderation. And because authors' comments publish immediately I hadn't noticed. I've published the comments and an apology.

libertyscott said...

Andrei - so we are largely in agreement, and you just baited me to comment :) I also agree families are a critical part of society, that should be outside the control of government except in the extreme cases of violent or sexual abuse, and health threatening neglect.

Andrei said...

Yes Libertyscott we probably are - the great debate is what we allow the Government to involve itself with and where we tell it to go take a running jump

libertyscott said...

and frankly if we just get so far that we are debating those issues, it will be a giant leap forward in my book.

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