Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Andrei Why this gay atheists fantasy woman is a Christian

Funny stuff, exhibiting no understanding of the Christian faith beyond Dawkinist characatures
Now here’s an absurd hypothetical: If I were a single, straight, atheistic male (in reality I'm neither single nor straight), would I be inclined to look for a similarly godless woman with whom to settle down and rear a batch of little baby Berings? I’m torn. Sure, I’d probably be “happier” with a fellow atheist. But there’s also something to be said for marrying a zealot.

On the one hand, I’d no doubt be irritated by my very religious wife’s supernatural beliefs. On the other hand, the very fact that she believes strongly in some divinely imposed morality should influence her behavior behind my back. She may well be suffering a very bad case of the dreaded God delusion, but perhaps this isn’t such a bad thing for her atheist husband. After all, my faithful, imaginary wife would then be operating under the assumption that cheating on me would not only hurt her family if the affair ever came to light, but would result in eternal damnation or perhaps an unhappy plague of this-worldly misfortunes even if it didn't. Never mind if she's crazy. I'm a pragmatist, so what she believes to be true is all that matters.
What is telling, if you read the whole thing, is the acknowledgment that the pairing of a man and a woman differs from same sex pairing because of the reproductive aspect and that because of this there is a greater cost in marital infidelity for such unions (explained in Darwinian terms).

Inadvertently, perhaps, reinforcing why Marriage is a heterosexual institution.

In summary though the author resiles from his conclusions
God, that sounds awful. You know what? Screw my hypothetical genes. If the little baby Berings weren’t really mine because my atheist wife had cuckolded me, then the hussy and I would still have a lot of fun raising our darling heathens together.
Source: Can an atheist and a believer have a happy marriage?

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