Friday, November 4, 2011

Andrei This man is a lawyer? Do they give out LLBs in cereal packets these days

The mind boggles, I don't know how many estates in Burkina Faso I am an heir too - I get a missives on a daily basis informing me of my inheritances.

I delete them without reading them as a rule.

So how come a lawyer isn't so smart enough to treat such things with the merit they deserve?
A senior Rotorua lawyer and Maori trust chairman has been found guilty of fraud in a case in which he was deceived by an African scam.

Last night a jury found John David Rangitauira, 59, guilty of obtaining by deception bank loans as well as funds from a trust under his control in the Rotorua District Court.


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Lucia Maria said...

Greed must short-circuit the functioning brain-cells.

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