Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Andrei Why I am a cycnic

I was called a cynic yesterday, because of a comment I made about why a lot of New Zealanders were not motivated to vote last weekend. I wasn't one of them, I actually voted for what it was worth - which was diddly.

In response to the quoted statement I replied
"Yet a million people can’t be bothered walking to the local school hall?

Jesus wept."

Not really – voting means about as much as a vote for teen idol or who gets evicted from the big brother house this week

Your choice is vapid candidate A or vapid candidate B and regardless of who actually gets the most votes both Vapid candidate A and vapid candidate B will be taking their seats in Parliament and voting to pass bills you don’t approve of


In 2009 I also voted in a referendum, a citizens initiated referendum. And along with 1,470,755 of my compatriots, that would be 87.4% of the people who voted, I told the Government they were way out of line with their laws relating to child discipline. Sue Bradfords anti smacking bill was not needed or wanted.

The government of course gave the voters the finger.

People like Nikki Kaye, people like Jacinda Ardern, people like Charles Chauvel think they know more about how the best way to raise children than people like my mother or myself and my co bloggers here who have actually done it or are doing it. And are quite happy to tell us how it should be done. And to use the power of the law and the courts to enforce their ideas.

And the biggest joke of all - the three mentioned above were in no danger of not being members of the 50th Parliament of New Zealand. The election for them is just a quaint ritual we go through every three years because their place in Parliament is assured through the list committee regardless of how their electorate actually vote.

Indeed Jacinda Ardern and Nikki Kaye contested the same seat and it was a jolly good show - the battle of the babes as reported by the elite media.

Saturday was closed the final week of Parliamentary Idol, is it any wonder a lot of people just gave a collective yawn.

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JJ said...

Well done sir, you have hit the nail on the head.

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