Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lucia We reap what we've sown with welfare

So, National is going to attempt to change behaviour through getting tougher on mothers who raise children without a husband and receive the DPB from the State.

We have a Pandora's Box situation here - all the miseries have already escaped and have been inflicting themselves upon the New Zealand population for a very long time now. Rather than encouraging us to try and build up our resistance to these scourges of mankind, National instead are trying to use money to negotiate with the evils. Like that will work.

The evils of social liberal policies have all but destroyed the notion of leaving sex to when you are married and instead encourage sexual libertinism with all and sundry as long as contraception is used.  They have changed women's primary roles from mothers to workers which has ensured that the numbers of children being produced over all has reduced and that women leave the care of their children to others. I mean, what family today who are working can afford to have too many children if the mother has to go out and work?  So, the situation we have now is one where many, many children are being born out of wedlock, but the numbers of children being born as a whole will be too few to support the immense number of old people in the future (myself included, btw).

Those who keep bleating on about reducing the DPB, but refuse to do anything about the social liberal policies that have created this whole mess in the first place are much more responsible for the situation we find ourselves in now, than the DPB mother who keeps having children to different fathers while on welfare. Social liberal policies have told her it's fine for her to have sex with whoever she likes and until that changes, the taxpayer is going to have to keep looking after her and her children that result from her sexual forays. We're abdicating our responsibility if we do not.

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MK said...

The idiots that created this mess will probably tell you in years to come when the problem is apparent to even the dumbest, that mass immigration will be the answer.

Never mind how swell that worked out for the Europeans, failure elsewhere is never a reason for these types not to try the same stupidity.

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