Sunday, November 20, 2011

Andrei Seeking Sanctity

Ele's post about the death of little JJ echos all of our despair, certainly mine.

It is an unholy thing.

How could this be? And yet all around us the babble of an election campaign continues - and babble it is.

How is it, I ask, that we do not value our children and how is it I ask that many don't even want to have them in the first place - don't think that it is important to raise future generations?

This is a worldwide phenomena - rich people are not having children anymore - it is the poor who do and as people get "richer" they are impoverishing themselves by not having children - it seems.

In Russia the loss of population has been identified as a significant problem - the potential wealth of Russia is enormous but the future people to produce it are just not being born.

And that is the significance of the video below, filmed just yesterday - effectively public prayers for fertility and lots of babies. New life!

It is a holy thing to marry and raise a family and it is a blessing - why has everybody forgotten this? Why is it we are so easily distracted from what is really important?

Update: Virgin Mary's belt arrives in Moscow

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