Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Andrei The occupy movements first blood

2011's fad of the unpalatable, unwashed, setting up inner city camps to protest capitalism has not had much success so far.

But they have claimed scalps in one bastion of the establishment - St Paul's Cathedral, London.

For two weeks paying tourists have not been able to visit Christopher Wren's masterpiece of architecture due to occupation and the Dean's decision to have their happy campers moved on by taking a legal injunction against them hasn't removed them.

However it has led to three resignations, including his, from the Cathedral's staff.


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MK said...

It surprises me that it's taking authorities so long to clear out these useless ratbags. They cause damage, waste everyone's time, shit everywhere and drive out people who contribute something positive to the world. The latest is that some of them are accused of masturbating in public.

And yet authorities are a ball-free zone when it comes to taking this trash out. Try paying your taxes late though, heaven help you then.

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