Saturday, November 5, 2011

Andrei Word of the day

Ineptocracy - a system of government where people who are unqualified to do the job are elected by people without jobs, who are sustained by taxes collected from people who do have jobs.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly the world has far too many of these.


This brings me on to Clare Curren.
She has a strange post about the Catholic church.
I am sure Lucia Maria will have a few words to say bout it.

macdoctor said...

There is already a word for this, Andrei.


Lucia Maria said...


Yeah, what MacDoctor said.

However, you're right, I should say something about this. Who would have thought that Clare Curren was a non-practising Catholic. I should really be keeping a list of these people.

I'll see what I can do after dinner - right now just trying to become inspired to make dinner after driving home from Wellington in the heat. It would require a bit more thinking than my firecracker post. :)

Lucia Maria said...

Which I have scheduled to come up in the next 6 minutes or so.

Lucia Maria said...

Have started it, but all motivation to continue has disappeared - really need to sleep right now.

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