Thursday, November 17, 2011

Andrei Media narcissists making the news not reporting it

Here is a statement in Vernon Small's latest offering on "cuppagate".
But the real issue is no longer how, or how ethically, the information was obtained. The real issue is what was in it.
This just makes me angry.

My friends we go to the polls in just under two weeks - we have to decide on who we are going to vote for. Now all the parties need to get their messages out so we can each make an informed and hopefully rational decision on polling day - I know it wont happen that way but in theory anyway.

But what is everybody talking about? Private chit chat, of no consequence what so ever, between two politicians.

What makes it important to the media? It's all about them that's what!

It was a media man who (illegally) taped the conversation, it is media outlets who are privy to what was said and keep dropping hints and leaking its contents to other politicians.

It is the media who are keeping this alive to the detriment of all political parties whose messages are being drowned out in this media babble and to the detriment our democracy.

Now can we just forget about this1 and move on with the things that really matter - like how we are going to provide education, health care and ways our children can make a living when they are grown.

(1) Regular readers will know that I am neither a National Party partisan nor supporter and that I think it is time for ACT to vanish from the political stage. The reason for moving on is so that we can start engaging in political discourse about things of substance

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