Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lucia The age of chivalry is over

Swearing, one of the last frontiers of human degradation, is missing out on the normalisation of a swear word depicting a female body part. Women are being encouraged to rehabilitate this word so that it can become the new "queer", and I presume, the idea is that once women embrace the vulgar world of cussing, then we can all tip toe through the tulips together into nirvana.

When it comes down to it however, the wannabe normalised term will still be a vulgar word, as this particular commenter on Whale Oil's site knows full well when he took offence to what he saw as judgement of those who swear.
Judge not, lest ye be kicked in the c*nt...
Yep, real good argument there.

Nothing will change until women demand better from men, and trying to get us to lower our standards even more runs counter to that.

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KG said...

Many women have been busy ridiculing men who treat them with courtesy, Lucia Maria and in a sense they're getting what they deserve. I've given up holding doors open for women, for example, after being told "I'm not a f**king cripple" or not even having the courtesy acknowledged.
Women can have chivalry or equality. Not both.

Lucia Maria said...


What you are talking about is general rudeness, which goes to my point of lowering of standards.

Women already have equality with men (just not sameness).

The post I link to links to an article encouraging women to become even worse by taking on the c-word.

The quote I give in my post would be the equivalent typifies the degeneration that embracing this word would bring.

I met a lady a couple of years ago at a Christmas party that worked with you in NZ - she said you were a true gentleman, so I doubt that you've let a few harsh words stop you.

KG said...

It was very nice of the lady to say that,LM. I'm surprised though!
You're right about the general rudeness, of course, and the core of chivalry must be a man's view of himself, and his obligations to those he encounters.
It takes a father to instil those values (I'm not saying women can't, but only a father can demonstrate chivalry by example) and real fathers are getting to be rather fewer than they used to be.

Lucia Maria said...


Don't be surprised - it was the first thing she said about you once she realised who I was talking about. She then went on to describe how others in the same job as you would do the bare minimum, while as you would always go above and beyond. Can't remember her exact words on this part of the conversation, as it was 2 Christmases ago, but that was the general gist.

You are so right about fathers needing to teach their boys!

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