Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Andrei Bleak Despair

Several people have sent me a link to this: The New Scar on My Soul.

And I have felt sick on reading it.

What have we come to? What are we doing?

In the 1960s we opened a Pandora's box with the advent of "Reproductive Technologies" by controlling fertility and this is not a blessing it is a curse.

I have never ever understood why, when people use science to engineer pest resistant onions which can help feed more people, there is a fuss about "Franken-foods" and yet tinker with the very essence of humanity and there is silence.

I hate to be a Jeremiah but the outcome of all of this, is the end of our civilization at the very minimum and you can see why - the writing is on the wall.

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KG said...

I like to think I'm pretty much hardened against the horrors of this kind of thing, but that article kind of took me aback. The sheer clinical awfulness of what he describes makes me doubt the description of our societies as "civilised".

Evergreen said...

When you read this you realize the nazi's may as well have won the war. And what do the politicians and the media have to say about any of this - nothing. In fact, they think the right to kill humans in abortion clinics is a badge of pride and a sign of progress, when in reality it makes us savages no different from ancient pagan cultures who sacrificed their children to idols.

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